History of the Book

The idea and theme for this book developed in the summer of 1993 while visiting Canada. The purpose of this book is to identify the best spots for a sightseeing vacation in the western US and Canada, as well as the best times to see them. Not every national park is discussed, as the emphasis is on the truly spectacular parks that have nearby wonders and good lodging. The 1st edition of the book was printed in early 1994 with a color cover, yet with 92+ interior pages in black and white. Much of the information in the 1st edition is superceded by the 3rd edition, and all 189 photos are now in color.

The 3rd edition is available in glossy color hardcopy by filling out the mail order form within the free Cover download; or you can buy the hardcopy via Paypal on the Downloads page to have the book sent to you sooner. The hardcopy has a high quality laminated cover 310 g and 4/4 157 g gloss art text, a thick glossy paper.

Cost of $18.00 includes hardcopy handling and shipping (1.5 lbs) to U.S. locations. You may also buy hardcopies from the Book Exchange on Brooks St in Missoula, Montana.

After growing up in Kansas, and graduating from the University of Arizona with majors in astronomy & physics in 1973, Dean worked as a project engineer in R&D on strategic missile signatures at Edwards AFB. He moved to Colorado in 1977, then to Montana in 2015 after over 40 yrs in aerospace engineering (space telescopes, rockets, spacecraft). As a result of living in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Montana, he has visited the national parks of the western United States many times. In 2020, Dean moved to the Black Hills, closer to the easily accessible high country of Wyoming and Colorado.

In any event, I hope you enjoy this new 3rd edition, and wish you many happy trails!

Dean Spieth

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